Liberals claim victory by removing “without lawful authority” from Conservative Bill C-205

Last year Conservative MP John Barlow introduced a private member’s bill to amend the Health of Animals Act by adding a singly relatively simple sentence:

“No person shall, without lawful authority or excuse, enter a building or other enclosed place in which animals are kept knowing that or being reckless as to whether entering such a place could result in the exposure of the animals to a disease or toxic substance that is capable of affecting or contaminating them.”

The offending clause “without lawful authority or excuse” has now been removed by the Liberal dominated Agricultural Committee.  But to claim, as the left-leaning Liberal rag National Observer did, that the inclusion of those 5 words “co-opted genuine concerns about infectious disease as a pretext for targeting animal protection advocates” is bizarre.  The claim is that only once the clause is removed by the Liberals will Bill C-205 “actually deter conduct that poses an infectious disease risk.”

As Dave Epp (Chatham-Kent—Leamington, CPC) points out “this phrase is not a made-up phrase by (Mr Barlow), but it is actually a phrase used in law and used in other federal acts”.  So why remove it and weaken the law?  So people’s feelings aren’t hurt, of course: “there is a perception out there, and we’re all aware of it … that this bill is designed to target a specific group of people: animal activists,” said NDP MP Alistair MacGregor.  Quit whining Alistair!  Neither Mr. Barlow nor the CPC are “targeting” animal activists; they are trying to stop diseases from being transmitted to animals.  But Mr. MacGregor is right: it is only a “perception,” not reality.  

So instead of weakening legislation that ensures a healthy food supply for Canadians, the NDP and Liberals should address this incorrect “perception” which is coming almost exclusively from their supporters.  Whipping up their base to cause social unrest, however, is a hallmark of the left.  And if it causes an outbreak of disease on farms, in their mind it is worth it; the food supply becomes threatened which leads to greater dependence on the government.  And besides, they’re only farmers, not the urban masses who vote Liberal, NDP, or Green – so who cares!

Let’s evict the cities from Canada with Rural Independence!

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