Return to the core issue

By Egmont.

What is the biggest problem in our society? Is it particulate matter in the air, the climate, the coronavirus or micro-aggressions against 500 genders that must be reversed through refined anti-discrimination measures? They are all theatrical productions that distract us from the real issue.

The core problem with which we in Canada and almost all industrialized countries are struggling is the refusal or the inability of a significant part of the population to enter into permanent ties, to start a family and to have children. Although we have one of the most expensive welfare states in the world, the number of births falls and falls.

Marginalized groups and minorities

Is that a big issue? No. When we read the newspaper, watch television and follow parliamentary debates, hardly anyone seems to be bothered by this catastrophic demographic development. Instead of the statistically necessary number of at least 2.1 children per woman for maintaining a population, the rate in this country is 1.5, about the same in all of the Western world. The most serious consequences will occur in the next twenty years when the baby boomers move into retirement age.

Is there any debate going on about how we could encourage young people to get a grip on their personal circumstances, which essentially includes starting a family, in good time? Which ideal do we put at the center of the efforts of society as a whole? What imagination do we use to promote the ‘yes’ to attachment and life? The truth is: In politics and the media, we deal extensively with the sensitivities of marginalized groups and minorities day in and day out.

Straighten out our priorities

There are now hundreds of professorships for “gender studies” at universities across Canada, which are devoted to overcoming traditional gender roles – and thus to the abolition of the traditional family. It is a culture of death.

The media invest a tremendous amount of energy in the question of how they can gender even more correctly in terms of language. Last year almost every school board in Canada sent young people to classes where they are informed about anal sex and the possibly of their as-yet-undiscovered homosexuality. But where is the outcry about the 100,000 unborn children who are killed in the womb year after year in a horrific routine? It is not a law of nature that the birth rate is so low. Our priorities need to be straightened out and the hierarchy of values ​​sorted. Not self-fulfillment, but responsibility for community as well as the traditional family and marriage of man and woman must belong again to the center of our social endeavors.

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