Pennsylvania has to weed out late votes

Chief Justice Samuel Alito has instructed the Pennsylvania electoral authorities to keep all votes cast after 8 p.m. on November 3 separate and identified. This could be a first important step for Donald Trump to prevent alleged election manipulation through post-absent postal votes.

“All county boards of election are hereby ordered … that all ballots received by mail after 8:00 p.m. on November 3 be segregated and kept ‘in a secure, safe and sealed container separate from other voted ballots,’ and that all such ballots, if counted, be counted separately.” wrote Chief Justice Samuel Alito yesterday, November 6th. to Pennsylvania State Election Officer Kathy Boockvar.

Under the nearly 250-year-old US Constitution, there are few rules for presidential elections. One of them, however, is that all citizens should vote “on the same day”. Republicans interpret this to mean that postal votes must have been received on election day. Democrats point out the corona pandemic and call for a relaxed approach to postmark deadlines.

On the evening of the election, Donald Trump led in the steel and oil district of Pennsylvania surprisingly by almost 700,000 votes ahead of Joe Biden, with 2,965,636 to 2,290,624 votes. Since the end of the vote, Joe Biden has gained nearly 1 million votes in the state and is now almost 6,826 votes ahead of Trump at 3,297,614.

If the late votes in Pennsylvania and in other states are invalidated, it would probably mean the election victory for Donald Trump.

Republican election observers complained that they were not allowed to enter the Philadelphia counting center or supervise the count.

Bondi obtained a court order to force entry, but the Republican election observers were kept behind a barrier at a distance of 10 m with reference to Corona and could only watch the count with binoculars .

On Thursday the Republicans reached a court order against this highly dubious harassment, effective from 10:30 am, but were still prevented from attending the count. Video footage showed Democratic activist Michele Hangley refusing to obey the court order to Republican attorney Pam Bondi .

Trump election officer Mike Roman documented how “volunteers” processed newly received postal ballots in a suburban basement in Philadelphia without election supervision. According to the novel, the volunteers were also unable to name their election overseer.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas documented how at least two postal workers in Pennsylvania were instructed to send new mail votes on November 3rd. backdate. One of those witnesses, Richard Hopkins, has identified himself by name, against his superiors, and is now working with the federal police.

Ironically, the increasingly desperate attempts by Democrats to evade democratic control could ultimately fall on their feet, as Trump aide Corey Lewandowski said Fox News’ Lou Dobbs said, because suppressing evidence is considered an admission of guilt under US law. A court can punitively hold the evidence suppressor accountable, including a possible admission of guilt. The suppression of election observers contrary to the court order could also invalidate the Philadelphia count, Lewandowski said.

In the presidential debate against Joe Biden on October 29th, Donald Trump pointed out  problems in the democratically ruled Philadelphia with early votes: “In Philadelphia election observers were thrown out, they were not allowed to watch. And why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia. “

Recounts are ongoing in Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and Michigan, and evidence of election fraud is now emerging. In Michigan, a computer program called “Dominion” was identified that transferred 6000 votes from Trump to Biden in one constituency. “Dominion” is used in 30 different states, including all major swing states.

Politico documented how voting computers in two constituencies in Georgia failed on election night because an update was suddenly and unexpectedly implemented. “This is not normal,” said Spaulding County’s election overseer Marica Ridley, according to Politico.

In an interview with Lou Dobbs , attorney Sidney Powell indicated that the software used “Hammer” and “Scorecard” was used to manipulate the elections. The Democrats also used an algorithm to know how many votes had to be faked and where. About 3% of the preliminary votes could have been manipulated, Powell said. “Someone went into the system and changed votes,” said Powell, who wants to file a lawsuit with the Justice Department. “This is coup attempt number 5.0”.

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