US election fraud: raid on servers in Frankfurt?

According to unconfirmed reports, the server of the Scytl company, which was used for large parts of the US election count, comes from Frankfurt, Germany. According to US Congressman Louie Gohmert, the server is said to have been confiscated after the election during a raid by the US Army with the knowledge of the German government.

In an interview with Chris Salcedo from Newsmax, Congressman Gohmert (R, Texas) referred to a tweet from Germany in which the raid was reported. These rumors had been circulating unconfirmed on the net for a week.

Trump: 2.7 million Trump votes withheld by “Dominion”

A US intelligence source is said to have confirmed this representation, according to The Gateway Pundit:

“According to our source, the US government has determined that this server was involved in the vote suppression. The search showed that this server is in Germany. In order to get legal access to the evidence, the US State Department, in cooperation with the US Department of Justice, had to contact the German federal government and obtain their cooperation.

The corresponding applications have been made. Apparently the US military was also involved, but not in the lead. That explains why Secretary of Defense Esper was fired and Kash Patel was installed – to keep the military personnel safe.

This server can now be used to track when and how the counting was stopped on election night, who ordered this and when the votes were swapped. The CIA was completely excluded from this operation. “

Trump attorney  Lin Wood  wrote on Twitter, “Biden & his criminal cronies are not going to sleep well tonight. Well, Biden might because he probably forgot the name Scytl. His co-conspirators know name well. They also know the name Paragon, company which purchased Scytl in October 20. “

The Scytl company is based in Barcelona and offers international voting software that was also used in the 2019 EU elections , even though independent experts have criticized it as being “prone to manipulation”. Scytl has been insolvent since June 2020 and, according to its own information, was taken over by the Paragon Group in October 2020.

“The Scytl team has been preparing for 9 months. During this time, 3 test runs, 5 user acceptance studies, and we set up a data center in Barcelona and a back-up center in Frankfurt,” writes the company .

Scytl worked with the Clinton Foundation and Dominion Voting Systems on the “ Delian Project.” The “National Election Defense Coalition” has been warning since 2012 that digital voting systems like that of Dominion and Scytl have opened the door to “massive election fraud.”

Delian specializes in “ Cyber Influence and disinformation” and works with the “Electoral Psychology Observatory” of the London School of Economics together to “understand the emotions and motivations better of voters”, funded by the European Research Council. The  Electoral Psychology Observatory  researches, among other things, the “optimization of election ergonomics and the election experience for particularly vulnerable voters.”

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