Feminist criticizes “The Mandalorian” for a detail that shouldn’t really shock anyone

The second season of the soy-targeted hit series “The Mandalorian” is currently running on Disney+. Fans are thrilled, but a feminist media critic is outraged about something that should actually be taken for granted.

Are gender-specific clothing items sexist?

“Lady-Mandalorians have boob armour [breastplates]? Oh come on seriously? ”- With these poorly formulated words the prominent Canadian feminist Anita Sarkeesian criticized the costumes of the Disney hit series.

Reason for excitement: Female Mandalorians wear armor that is slightly different from that of their male colleagues.

The tweet has now been quoted over 10,000 times. In the answers, a galactic war rages between people who actually seem to come from different planets.

Biology beats ideology

Feminists, too, try to prove the progressiveness of Sarkeesian’s allegations with images of medieval armor . Female breasts would find a perfect place in it, they say.

“That may work for some women,” respond critics. One user, however, points out: “As a woman with big breasts, I must show you the chest protections that we use in contact sports such as karate . Yeah, we need to protect our breast somewhere, Anita. “

The most liked response to the charge that Mandalorian breastplates are sexist, with over 23,000 likes, comes with a simple truth:

“Anita, I hope you’re sitting down because I have something very important and perhaps shocking to tell you: women have boobs.”

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