If Biden becomes president, George Soros will conquer the United States

Through funds, personnel decisions and fact-checking, George Soros’ long arm will reach into power under Biden.

Just recently, George Soros appointed his successor to lead the Open Society Foundation. It is becoming increasingly clear that George Soros will use his money to support initiatives hostile to life and citizens should Joe Biden become president. One can speak of a “Soros/ Biden” presidency.

Initially, George Soros donated $ 70 million to the Biden campaign. In the past, he had wagered $22 million on the Clintons.

Several figures from the Democrats and the potential Biden government have direct connections to George Soros :

The Soros/Biden partnership includes Sarah Cross, former director of the Open Society’s legal sponsorship department, responsible for evaluating government agencies, and Michael Pan, special advisor to the Open Society’s executive committee, who is responsible for diplomatic representation the United States will have jurisdiction at the United Nations. And while the team includes Diane Thompson, Leadership in Government Fellow of Open Society Foundations, others work for groups that have received significant funding from the Soros Empire. Sharon Burke and Viv Graubard, who will work for Biden in the Department of Defense and Labor, are part of the New America think tank to whom the Open Society Foundations donated more than $1 million in the last year alone.

Soros is also in contact with John Podesta, whose scandalous emails were picked up by Trump during his election campaign against Hillary Clinton:

Six of Biden’s staff are from Center for American Progress of Democracy Guru John Podesta, former President of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, responsible for the Treasury Department, the Department of Labor and Home Affairs, the National Security Council, the Office of the Trade Commissioner, and the Federal Reserve. In 2018 alone, the Soros Foundations donated more than $1 million to the Podesta Center. And even the President of the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden, was appointed to the Federal Bureau of Budget and Administration, which runs billions of dollars a year in administration services.

The former head of the Open Society Foundation , who was recently replaced by Lord Malloch Brown, now works for Biden:

Patrick Gaspard, former political adviser to Barack Obama , has resigned and joined Biden’s cabinet. His in-depth knowledge of the way Soros’ network operates around the world makes him a strategic asset.

But Soros also has an influence on giants like Facebook and Twitter. Through fact-checking commissions under his control Soros influences the social networks: After attacking Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg in January, Soros demanded and set at least 18 out of 20 expert censors for the news, especially in connection with the US elections. Soros has also already made up the “transition team“, the group of experts who ensure institutional continuity between the new and outgoing government in the United States of America.

The fact remains: if Joe Biden wins the election, George Soros will conquer the United States.

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