Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats are hypocrites!

The excitement about the storming of the Capitol is not justified by the US Democrats. 

The Canadian mainstream is clutching their pearls after a group tried to storm the Capitol in Washington. Once again the end of the United States is being put forth. Hate speech against Donald Trump is being written again. Now even another impeachment procedure is proposed.

The leading Democrat, Nancy Pelosi wants to use this last opportunity that a politically clumsy Donald Trump presented to her on a tray: an impeachment. In stoppage time. And that after the game has long been decided.

Criticism, sharp criticism of Donald Trump is being expressed by the usual suspects on the conservative side. He is not to blame for the events during the storming of the Capitol. But Nancy Pelosi and her radical followers are not ones who are entitled to express criticism. They have long since forfeited the right.

Yesterday the Canadian mainstream (and the mainstream around the world) seriously asked how the police would have reacted if blacks had tried to storm the US Capitol? – The question was of course meant rhetorically. Because the expected answer was: The police would have shot faster.

One wonders, however: Has the mainstream been in lockdown since the spring? And the Democrats too have to be asked: haven’t they read a newspaper?

For months, a left-wing white and black mob has not only tried to storm government institutions – they keep doing it again and again. Whole districts were occupied and turned into zones of leftist anarchy and terror – with broad support from the Democrats. And of course the Canadian mainstream was wholly behind it.

Yes, criticism of Donald Trump is justified. Perhaps sharp criticism too. But not from the US Democrats. And certainly not from the Canadian mainstream.

Anyone who supports the storming of police stations in American cities, but who angrily criticizes the storming of the Capitol in Washington, deserves no other name than hypocrite.

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