Progressive “journalist” writes about erotic fantasies with Lord of the Rings orcs

Orcs as sex symbols? A desirable development for this left. 

“Hotness of Orks”: Article in left-wing women’s magazine sexualises Lord of the Rings

The left-wing women’s magazine The Cut is about politics, style, culture, health, celebrities – and recently also about “how hot we find the characters in the extended Lord of the Rings universe”.

So writes journalist Amanda Arnold in her article “How did we overlook the hotness of the Lord of the Rings orcs?”

She reminds her readers of previous debates in this area, for example the “Aragon Girl versus Legolas Girl dichotomy”, “Boromir’s underexplored sex appeal” and which character exudes the most “Big Dick Energy” .

“When we learned that the talent agency in charge of casting for Amazon’s forthcoming Lord of the Rings TV series was apparently seeking actors who “must be comfortable with nudity,” we begged the creators to give us a nasty group-sex scene in the mud of Isengard.”

“Necessary Work”: Sexiness Ranking for Orcs of Middle-earth

“And yet,” continues Arnold, “somehow, we never thought to extend our fixation to the most depraved of depths, to definitively rank the orcs of Middle-earth based on which one is sexiest.”

This “necessary work” has now been done by the “brilliant mind” Kyle Wilson for the video game magazine Polygon:  “The Orc Daddies of Middle-earth, ranked”. In it, he rates the sexualized orcs as those who “you wish Isengard would have never unleashed” to those “babes to whom your hobbit hole is open anytime”.

At the end of the article, Arnold discusses which orc from “The Lord of the Rings” she personally thinks is the hottest. What else does she write about?

In her author archive on the website of The Cut you can find articles in which she advocates abortion and transgender rights. On her Twitter account she shows herself to be a supporter of socialism and speaks out for Black Lives Matter, among other things .

This is the psychology of the left in plain view: fantasies of sex with brutish creatures, and only finding the ugly beautiful.

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