Coca-Cola leaks: Employees have to take courses against whites

Is Coca Cola indoctrinating its employees? At least that is what is suggested by information that a whistleblower has made public.

It just got too much for one employee

They went viral on Twitter: four screenshots from the “LinkedIn Learning” platform. They show excerpts from an online course that employees of the Coca-Cola Company must complete.

The pictures were leaked to YouTuber Karlyn Borysenko by a frustrated employee of the beverage manufacturer – and have been causing a sensation online ever since.

With racism against racism

The alleged goal of the course: “Confront Racism”. Actually a good thing, isn’t it? It is the means and methods that get the blood boiling. The first screenshot is telling: “Understand what it means to be white, challenge what it means to be racist.”

“Being white” and “being racist” are therefore identical. But that’s not all. The equation of white skin color with negative traits goes on:

“To be less white is: to be less oppressive, to be less arrogant, to be less precise, to be less defensive, to be less ignorant, to be more humble, to listen, to believe, to break with indifference, to break with white solidarity”.

The final challenge to the participants: “Try to be less white” .

Is controversial US author behind the course?

Karlyn Borysenko managed to find the course on LinkedIn Learning. So she was able to find out that nobody other than Robin DiAngelo is responsible for the course.

From the pen of the controversial US author come works like: “We have to talk about racism: What it means to be white in our society” or Me and White Supremacy. How to recognize your privileges, fight racism and change the world.”

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